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Why Humble House

Who we are

Humble House Recovery is a dream come to fruition. Having been a long-time eastern shore resident and dealt with addiction in many facets we recognized the need for what we do and an opportunity to help the community on a local level. Our Director, Jeremy Savin, is a member of long term recovery, holds an associate degree in human services with a focus in addictions as well as more than 12 years of experience working and developing relationships in the substance use and mental health field.

What we do

We work to inspire hope, willingness, and enthusiasm towards recovery in a sober, safe, and comfortable atmosphere where residents can continue to foster their humility, strength, and new relationships. We work with families to help them intervene and create an effective treatment and recovery plan to guide their loved ones toward the right help and develop a solid continuing care plan. We do Recover. We have fun. We help others. At our houses every week we have a house meeting to discuss house business and then an in-house 12-step meeting to allow residents an opportunity to get to know each other and welcome any new residents. There are ongoing projects, such as the meditation area and vegetable garden, residents can participate in that promote unity and a visible betterment of the home they live in. 

How we do it

Utilizing our empathy, passion, experience, and education to gain rapport with families and our residents and work with them to build a foundation for lasting recovery. By being on-site often and actively engaging with residents. By being available when a resident needs to talk one on one or needs guidance in their new journey. By striving to be the best example we can each and every day. By maintaining a non-judgmental cohesive atmosphere where residents can be vulnerable and unafraid.

Where we do it

Humble House elected to open houses in the beautiful eastern shore towns of Easton and Chestertown because they are wonderful safe communities for people to recover in. There are many job opportunities, great 12 step meetings, and a strong recovering community. All houses are minutes from wonderful community resources such as the YMCA, libraries, parks,l meetings, and bike trails that travel along the whole of the town, as well as many places to shop and local eateries for fellowshipping.  

When it started

Humble House Recovery was founded in 2017 but its vision began several years before when we saw treatment opportunities were becoming less and less, and the addiction problem was continuing to worsen.  At Humble House, we recognize the importance of remaining in a structured and supportive atmosphere and realize the standard 14-21 day stay in treatment is not enough to help the middle or late-stage sufferer build a solid foundation.

Why do we do it

First, our passion and enthusiasm for recovery and the rewards that continuous recovery brings. Second, fulfilling a need in the community. Lastly, an opportunity to earn a living doing what we love.  

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