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Intake procedure

  • All intakes are to be scheduled through the Director, Jeremy Savin, 410-562-7711 or 

  • Upon arrival, new intakes will meet with the house manager or a senior resident. 

  • New residents should be prepared to take a urinalysis and make payment of $390 if they haven’t already done so. 

  • Payment can be made with a money order or on our website. Money orders should be made out to Humble House Recovery.   

  • Residents may bring personal bedding (Pillows, sheets or blankets) but it must be brand new and still in its original store package.   

  • No opened food products can be brought in. Residents are encouraged to stop at the local grocery store for any food products they wish to bring at intake.   

  • All clothing and personal hygiene products must be brought in plastic bags (no more than 2 bags). No suitcases, please.

  • Clothing must be washed, dried on high and folded prior to entry.  

  • This is for the protection of everyone and to maintain the best hygiene practice for the house.        

Cost Breakdown

$390 Intake


$150 First week

$150 last week

$90 One time Intake and supply Fee


$150 a week due on Fridays thereafter - Cash, check, or here on this tab

This is not rent payment, due to the structure of sober living, we maintain the right to discharge anyone at any time if they become a threat to the safety and sobriety of the home. Refunds are done on a prorated basis with exception to the none refundable deposit.

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